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Each bonnet and bandana is a one-of-a-kind piece, printed by hand using light sensitive dyes. All botanicals have been hand-pressed specifically for this purpose. Fabric is painted with the dye and the botanicals are placed on the fabric. The fabric is then exposed to light. Specific colors are achieved by varying exposure time. After exposure, the fabric is washed in special detergent to set the image. The final piece is non-toxic. Because of the nature of the process, please expect and appreciate the variations in tones and saturation. 

Sunprinting is based on the cyanotype process, an alternative photography process used by artists since its development in the 19th century. Cyanotype prints were first known as 'shadowgraphs', a term I adore because it captures the process so perfectly. A female botanist by the name of Anna Atkins was one of the first people to put the cyanotype to use. In addition to being an expert at plants, she was also a pioneer in photographic history, producing the first book to use photographic illustrations.