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Next drop: Wednesday, November 1st at 9am EST.

My shop opens every 4-6 weeks for product drops. Each item released will be made-to-order and will have a 4-5 week turnaround. Here are a few reasons why I've decided to make this change:

1. Variety. Nature offers me endless possibilities and I want to experiment with new prints and colors. Doing monthly drops allows me to offer an entirely different collection each time. 

2. Energy + Water. Printing bonnets or bandanas one at a time is a waste of resources. As someone who strives to be a good steward of our planet it's my responsibility to run my business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Printing one bonnet/bandana or twenty uses the same amount of water and wash cycles. Similarly, when I do print indoor, I'd like to be able to run my UV light for multiple prints instead of just one.

3. Connectedness. I've chosen made-to-order rather than ready-to-ship because printing each textile with it's owner in mind gives me a sense of connectedness to you and it's one of the elements I love most about what I do. 


Please hand wash or machine wash your bonnet on delicate (in a garment bag is preferred) and lay flat or hang to dry. Warm iron as needed. 

Aged sizes are an approximation, designed to fit the average head size in each group. If in doubt, size up or contact me!

Specific questions? Say "hi" at hello@specificpigeon.com.

For specific goodies and news, follow us on Instagram.